Since 2011, the Idaho Volunteer Fire & Emergency Services Association had conducted the State Tuition Reimbursement as Incentive for Idaho’s Emergency Responders (STRIVE) Program.  The STRIVE Program provided tuition reimbursement to Idaho Emergency Responder Families.  By agreeing to volunteer for two years in an Idaho Emergency Department, the volunteer can get reimbursed for one year of college tuition, books and fees, up to $5,000.  The volunteer can elect to use their STRIVE benefit for an immediate family member, as well.

The STRIVE program has been funded through a SAFER grant from FEMA.  IVFESA was awarded the grant in 2011 and it ended in July 2015.  In the four years of the STRIVE Program:

  • IVFESA has awarded $2.5 million in tuition reimbursements
  • Over 450 volunteers have participated
  • 130 Idaho Departments have recruited and retained volunteers through STRIVE
  • Nearly every of Idaho’s 44 counties has STRIVE participants.

Idaho STRIVE Volunteers have committed over 1,400 years to Idaho’s Emergency Departments. 

The STRIVE Program was a huge success and made a great difference in Idaho.  Unfortunately, IVFESA was not awarded funding to continue the program beyond July 2015.  All STRIVE awards have been issued and we can not take any STRIVE applications.


Thank you to all of Idaho’s Volunteer Emergency Repsonders.